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Tactical Aiming Solutions L.T.D

Laser Training System - SureStrike

Serial Number:LAMM08
Price: $146.00
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The SureStrike Laser Training Cartridge allows a shooter of any level of experience to practice completely safe marksmanship and gun-handling drills with their own weapon in any location, from the basement to the barracks.
By squeezing the trigger, the direct impact of the firing pin activates the SureStrike to emit an eye-safe laser pulse, a "shot" of red light, which simulates the point of impact where a bullet fired from the weapon would have struck.
The SureStrike is a programmable platform that can easily convert any firearm to work with any laser receptor like an electronic target, simulator, or MILES.
Laser Training System - SureStrike
Laser Training System - SureStrike-2
Laser Training System - SureStrike-1

SureStrike design advantages:

The SureStrike is unique in that it is inserted in the chamber of the weapon and secured using the UhrSecureTM system. This placement delivers a number of advantages:
  • 100% Secure: A live round cannot be chambered; the Safety Nut indicates that a laser cartridge is in the weapon; there are no insertion rods to wear and cause a loose fit.
  • No Misfires; Unlike laser cartridges activated by vibration, SureStrike can only be activated by the firing pin. 
  • Low Profile: SureStrike does not interfere with holstering, drawing, or loading.
  • Microprossesor control: The heart of the SureStrike is a microprocessor which controls the laser beam. This ability can be customized according to buyer specifications (based on a minimum order). Current options include:

Dry Fire: Perfect for enhanced dry fire practice with point of impact recognition/feedback, 5000 “shots” guaranteed.

Digital Bore Sight: Converts the SureStrike into a digitally controlled bore sight activated by trigger pull.

Target Activator: Activates digital targets.

Simulator Activator: Enables the SureStrike to interface with some of the market’s leading simulators that use a visible red laser and a camera. IR lasers available by special order.

Extra Duration: A longer duration of laser pulse allows you to notice unwanted hand movement in order to perfect trigger control, stability, and grip. Enables advanced technique analysis.

Bullet Counter: Pauses after every 15 “shots” for 3 seconds to simulate running out of ammunition and magazine change.

Dry fire training - repeated drawing, aiming and firing without ammunition - is a practical, convenient way to improve and/or maintain shooting technique skills. However, the practice is limited by the fact that the bullet impact point is a mere assumption. The clear feedback provided by the SureStrikeTM followed by quick self correction turns dry fire practice into a powerful learning experience with dramatic results regarding flinching, trigger operation, target acquisition, marksmanship and more. Ingraining the shooter`s “muscle memory” has never been so easy.

UhrSecure Safety system

SureStrikeTM acts as a fail-safe device by being secured in the chamber with the mandatory use of the safety pipe and nut, preventing the loading of a live round. This “UhrSecure” safety system visually and physically assures the secure nature of the firearm to the user and training staff but does not interfere with retraction of the slide, holstering or any mounted accessories. SureStrikeTM contains no explosives of any kind and therefore cannot be discharged by a weapon.

Warranty and Specifications

Laser Ammo warranties each SureStrikeTM for 5,000 "shots" or one year after date of purchase. A replacement firing cap is available which is guaranteed for an additional 5,000 shots.

Technical information

Electronics: Computer Microprocessor
Power Source: Silver oxide dry cell batteries
Construction: Stainless steel
Laser Spec: Class 3a, Up to 5mW, 635-650nm wavelength
Safety: Lead free, eye safe (meeting US and EU regulations)