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Tactical Aiming Solutions L.T.D
About us

About us

T.A.S. was founded as a start-up for developing aiming devices for firearms. The founders realized how hard it is for a shooter to achieve a quick and accurate sight image while focusing on 3 different elements: target, front sight blade, and rear sight notch, all in a consecutive and constant aiming line. The founders of T.A.S. therefore set out to develop a pistol sight with a single aiming point to facilitate rapid target acquisition.

T.A.S. combines concepts in geometry and optics in a sight that makes it easier to achieve rapid fire accuracy. Optical fibers and a lens create a gleaming light dot of 1-2 mm in diameter at the end of an aluminum tube. The tube is mounted at the rear of a weapon and parallel to the barrel to create a rear sight. The shooter does not need to use the front sight since the T.A.S. sight functions as a single aiming point.

With both eyes open, the shooter aims the weapon, identifies the gleaming light point, places it on the target, and fires.

Moving from one target to another is easy because the gleaming point is apparent even while the shooter`s attention is towards the new target.
T.A.S. sights use a low and “sexy” profile – much lower than standard sights. The sight’s small dimensions enable a fit with practically all holsters.
T.A.S pistol sight development took 3 years, based on the demands of leading shooting instructors and members of special police and military units. Many prototypes were tested until an optimal balance between size and accuracy was achieved.