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aserAmmo Releases New Sight System
As a long-standing innovator in the training and handgun accessories field, T.A.S. has released a new rear sight with glowing tritium for a perfect day or night sight picture.

By SI Staff (RSS) September 13, 2011
Laser-Ammo is now an official US distributor for the TAS single dot sight system developed specifically for the Glock series of pistols.
This family of semi automatic pistols is easily the most commonly chosen sidearm for civilian, law enforcement and military applications. The single dot sight system is intended to fill the need for a low profile sighting system that is as reliable and flexible as the gun it is mounted on. This is that sight.

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Like many Israelis, Tiberias insurance company owner Yigal Abo owns a pistol for self defense. But unlike most insurance agents, Abo is on the cusp of an innovative combat pistol sighting system that could help SWAT teams and rescue units save countless lives...

The NET tactical pistol rear sight system utilizes a red fiber optic sight housed inside a case at the rear of the pistol. When the shooter can see the entire fiber-optic sight as a complete red circle superimposed over the target, then it means he`s ready to fire!

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While DefenseReview was at NDIA Small Arms Symposium 2007, we ran into a very friendly and enthusiastic gentleman named Gil Elharar, who works for an Israeli company called North East Technologies, Ltd. (NET). Gil showed us a developmental prototype (functional prototype) of a very interesting and somwhat revolutionary combat pistol sighting system. Instead of utilizing the standard front-and-rear sight setup, the NET tactical pistol sight is a one-piece elongated low-profile rear sight comprised of a red fiber optic sight housed inside a lightweight polymer and extruded aluminum case. The prototype sight we saw was mounted on a blue (i.e. inert) Glock 17 (G17) training simulator weapon.
To use the sight, you just....

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